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Enrichment Club

At KJ Academy Online it's more than just education; it's about holistic well-being. Join our fitness classes, engage in family activities and exciting challenges. We believe in making healthy living a family affair where everyone, regardless of age, can participate.

Our Online Enrichment Club

We help your child develop ALL the skills needed for success!

Make friends, learn healthy habits and have fun learning.

While building strong foundations with a Faith-Infused Enrichment Program for future kindergarteners and beyond.

Our Free Community

Our free community provides access to a variety of educational resources, including worksheets, learning videos, and more.

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Homeschooling resources, coloring pages and more!

What's New!

Online Mommy & Me Fitness and Wellness Classes

It's not just about fitness, but also about nurturing parent and child. Reduce stress, feel stronger, healthier and have more energy. Most importantly, be a good example and create a bond with your little one.

Join us Mondays at 11am EST.

You can bring your little one along, although it is not mandatory.

Classes Start Monday. December.4th

Free for all members. Non-member $10 a class.

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